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2-2-2-2-مکانیسم حمایت از بزه دیده، شاهد و مطلع و خانواده متهم : 452-2-2-3-گامی مهم به سوی تامین عدالت کیفری و حقوق شهروندی 452-2-2-4-حاکمیت قانون 46فصل سوم، حقوق شاکی و متهم در قانون آیین دادرسی... ادامه

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scene, she feels the existence of some affair between Cecilia and her love, Robbie. The pond scene happens when she is looking out from an upstairs window deep in her authoring imagination. She sees Robbie ordering Cecilia to strip-tease and she is shocked by the scene believing that he might have ‘blackmailed’ or... ادامه

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action.” (McEwan, Solar 15) Michael comes across the issue at the new Center. “The Center is supposed to resemble the National Renewable Energy Laboratory” (15) Beard is appointed as the first head, but the real work is done through a senior civil servant named Jack Braby. Michael happens to visit a young rustic scientist... ادامه

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disappoint our children….” (47) In other word, Žižek uses the words of Kurt Vonnegut in his Mother Night that “We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be” (Žižek, Enjoy Your Symptom X). These all show that based on a Žižekian perspective, Michael is a great believer in... ادامه

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that he is a savior of the world, Michael is almost spending much of his working hours following the project of Solar clean energy, until the legal system takes from him everything he believes to own. The move can be interpreted as if the issue, from the beginning, has not been Michael’s. The political system has invented the... ادامه

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be punished for not obeying the master-slave ideological structure. Cecilia has also betrayed the ideological power structure and is voluntarily banished from the house and treated like a lower-class person. The scheme continues even at war. The Marshals, Leon and Briony all remain alive, while the people belonging to the... ادامه

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best, but fails to establish a practical method for solving the problem and in fact the problem seems like remaining untouched by the end of the novel. And finally, the Žižekian word works here greatly that the doctrine of ideology is “destined to convince us of its ‘truth’, yet actually serving some unavowed... ادامه

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should recall the fact that she is a military commander in managing her dolls “under strict instructions” (McEwan, Atonement 5). Her room is the only tidy one in the whole upstairs house. Probably the focalizer of the novel is trying to pepper the text with some literary sense when it calls the thirteen-year-old... ادامه

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after. One can claim that the apocalyptic thinking begins to lose its intense presence in McEwan’s works later in the 1990s until the wake of the twenty first century. In Enduring Love (1997) a slighter version of the McEwanian hounding scheme of apocalypse repeats when Joe, with his beloved Clarissa, enjoying their... ادامه